Attention to Details

Intermotor® is a complete engine management import line recognized as the import leader in coverage and quality, with a commitment to exact-match fit, form, and function. What might not be immediately apparent is the design, engineering, manufacturing expertise and QC testing that goes into every Intermotor® part. Our attention to the extra details is at the heart of Intermotor® excellence and is what separates Intermotor® from the rest. 

Intermotor® is the import leader in coverage and quality with a commitment to excellence designed into every product detail. Check out the examples below to learn about of the details that make Intermotor® the Import Leader by Design.

Intermotor® Fuel Injectors

Designed for Special Delivery

Our fuel injectors are flow-matched to each specific application, with advanced laser-drilled metering holes that deliver precise flow and spray patterns for proper injector performance under all conditions. Manufactured in our TS16949 certified, Greenville, SC facility and 100% tested for coil resistance, injector leakage, static and dynamic flow; it all adds up to the performance you expect from the import leader by design.

High-Temperature Viton® External
      O-rings enables proper sealing
              under extreme conditions

Tin-plated brass terminals for
increased corrosion resistance

High-Temperature Viton® External
      O-rings enables proper sealing
              under extreme conditions

Valve seats machined
 to a one micron finish
   for a leak-proof seal

  Solenoid coil windings are precision
             wound and trimmed to allow
application specific resistance values

           Stainless steel calibration pin and
        spring assembly prevents corrosion
                      within the fuel control body

Intermotor EGR Valves

Designed to go the Distance

At Intermotor®, every part we design features thoughtful details that elevate it above the competition. Our EGR valve sensor contacts are made with a precious metal alloy that withstands millions of duty cycles. Manufactured and 100% factory tested for proper flow, solenoid resistance, response time and leakage in our TS16949 certified, Independence, KS facility; it’s this commitment to excellence that makes us the import leader by design.

Flexible Graphite Gasket

           Sensor contact made of
precious metal alloy to perform
              millions of duty cycles

Heavy-duty solenoid provides
               extended service life

    All stainless steel internal
components resist corrosion

Fully encapsulated copper
          windings for precise
   operation and protection

Sintered metal technology ensures
      a consistent, precise fit of valve
          seat for accurate flow control

Intermotor Crankshaft Sensors

Designed for Perfect Timing

At Intermotor® we design the details that deliver superior quality and performance. Manufactured in our TS16949 certified, SMP® Reynosa, Mexico facility, our Crankshaft Position Sensors feature matching connectors and tin-plated brass terminals to ensure an accurate, watertight connection to the wiring harness. With 100% end of line testing to ensure proper timing, pulse width and signal amplitude, it’s no wonder Intermotor® is the import leader by design.

High-strength, Neodymium
magnets ensure proper
signal voltage to the ECM

Grommets and Clips 
ensure proper mounting

Protective Loom for
    added protection

   Matching connectors and
   tin-plated brass terminals
ensure accurate, watertight
  connection to the harness

Intermotor Coil-on-Plug

Designed to Take the Heat

Manufactured in SMP’s TS16949 certified, Bialystok, Poland facility, our specially formulated epoxy is high temperature shock-resistant to handle rapid changes in engine temperature and prevent cracking or coil damage. Engineered to bond with the coil housing and bobbins, our unique process eliminates air pockets and prevents moisture intrusion and thermal breakdown. It’s just one more design detail that makes us the import leader by design.

Tin-plated brass terminals
for corrosion protection and
improved electrical contact

Exact-match electronic
module feedback signal

magnet in the core
creates a strong
magnetic field for
output at all speeds

Improved secondary
windings using ETP
copper wire provides
maximum voltage

Reinforced bobbins and additional winding
  bays prevent internal arcing, high voltage
              breakdown, and voltage flashover

Stainless Steel Spring
       to resist corrosion

   High-temp silicone boot stays
flexible for easy removal during
     related component servicing

Intermotor Wire

Designed to Make it Easy

At Intermotor® our goal is to achieve excellence by pushing for the “plus” – the extra details that set our products above the rest.
Intermotor® Import Ignition Wire Sets feature original equipment fit, form and function plus all the extras you’d expect from an industry leader, including factory-installed clips, trays, loom and numbered leads*. With unmatched coverage for ALL import nameplates, we are the import leader by design.

OE matched spark plug boots and
distributor boots provide correct fit,
are resistant to fuel and oil contamination
and offer a tight moisture proof seal

     Numbered leads
for easy installation

      Anchor Clips

OE-matching factory 
loom pre-installed on wire
to complete installation

Patented High-Gloss
Clear Coat